Offered Services

  • Identification of opportunities and selection/confirmation of participants depending on the project’s nature and magnitude.

  • Definition of strategies and alternatives for the realization of projects, conciliating the site’s potential with the market’s, as well as the promoter’s interests and resources, and with socio-political acceptability.
  • Analysis of technical, economic, juridical, environmental, social and political feasibility.

  • Elaboration of ecological and environmental impact studies.

  • Elaboration of land and city planning blueprints in all its different technical and juridical-administrative levels.

  • Elaboration of urban design projects at conceptual and executive level: Multiple Use Complexes – Housing Units – Industrial Developments – Vacation Resorts – Marinas – Golf Courses – Landscaping.

  • Elaboration of interior and exterior architecture projects.

  • Selection of and participation in specialized studies supporting the project’s realization.

  • Prevention and management of environmental, institutional and public opinion critical situations.

  • Representation before public and private decision centers.



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